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Patient Testimonials – Dr. John Bandeian

Dr. John Bandeian is a plastic surgeon Bristol, TN patients come to in order to obtain their desired aesthetic results. Over the years, Dr. Bandeian has helped many Kingsport breast augmentation and liposuction patients achieve a more youthful physical appearance.

I highly recommend Dr. Bandeian and his staff for excellence in patient care, and in the performance of the techniques required in the complicated procedures they perform. I have been treated both as an office-procedure patient as well as an in-and-out patient. Both types of surgery are handled with the same care and expertise; there is no hurry, all questions are answered fully and in an understandable and comprehensible language. The procedures I have had were a breeze for me, and the post-procedure care is the best in my experience. They keep in close touch, and see you the following day. Prescriptions are dispensed with clear explanations for dosage and possible side effects. Your recovery is explained to you so you know what to expect, but in the event of an unforeseen complication or question, you are urged to contact Dr. Bandeian himself, and how many doctors do you know who would offer that service. In summary, my many visits to Bristol Plastic Surgery Center have been pleasant and have yielded excellent results. I recommend them to anyone who asks me about plastic surgery, and I would not consider going anywhere else. These people are simply the best.


My testimonial regarding Bristol Plastic Surgery Center:

I went to Dr. Bandeian for the first time in 2007 for a consultation for breast augmentation surgery. I was greeted at a very comfortable setting and after a thorough discussion I decided to pursue the surgery. The follow up care was above and beyond my expectations and my questions were answered promptly. My results from the breast augmentation were wonderful and I had no complications of any kind. I am constantly asked by others where I received my surgery and I am proud to refer them to Dr. Bandeian.
I have received other procedures there as well including: Botox, Juvederm, and spider vein injections. The prices at Bristol Plastic Surgery Center are affordable and extremely competitive. The staff as well that work with Dr. Bandeian are very professional and caring.
I am a woman that is nearing the age of 40 and I am told quite often that I look no where near my age. I have also done some local modeling and won a beauty pageant title just recently.
To sum up my experience with Bristol Plastic Surgery Center and the care from Dr. Bandeian and his staff I would highly recommend them and I plan to make them a part of my care in the future.


August 25th, 2011
Review For Dr. John J. Bandeian Jr.
3169 West State Street
Bristol, Tennessee 37620

Dr. Bandeian Jr. has been in practice now for approximately 38 years, serving the community as
A loving, caring, dedicated Surgeon. His devotion to His community and patients are to be
praised by His Patients for the wonderful service that He provides for each individual person.

The first time that I met Dr. Bandeian as a patient many years ago was a pleasant experience on
my part. His office was very professional, with everything operating as a well organized practice,
Dr. Bandeian is very polite, considerate, and is always concerned for the welfare of each and
every patient. The first thing that I recall about Dr. Bandeian Jr. was his quiet nature and the
calmness in approaching any surgical procedure. His character and consideration for his
patients always made me feel secure in knowing that I was going to get the best medical care
possible, while he made me feel at ease with anything he was doing for me, his patient.

Dr. Bandeian is not only my personal doctor and surgeon, but I consider him as my personal
Friend, and I would gladly do anything possible for him or his dedicated office staff. During the
years that he has been my physician, he has shown me the side of a doctor that many patients
fail to see in other doctors. He is compassionate, considerate of his patients feelings, and his
calm demeanor always made me feel very secure in fully trusting him in any surgical procedure
that he would do for me.

Dr. Bandeian is a very special surgical physician, He cares about each and every patient, and his
care goes far beyond the realm of just being a doctor. Dr. Bandeian considers the comfort of
each and every patient and looks at each person that he serves with compassion and respect.
Dr. Bandeian is someone very special, and this special quality of care sets him apart from other
surgical care providers.

I would go as far as to say, that I personally trust Dr. Bandeian with any service that he provides
for me as his patient and just about every member of my immediate family has been a patient
of his at one time or another. My entire family love, honor and respect Dr. John J. Bandeian Jr.
He is a doctor with a genuine love and compassion for each and every patient and he is the only
surgical doctor that I would ever consider for myself or my family.

His office staff is always willing and able to be of service to you, as his patient, and they serve
you with a quality of service that cannot be found elsewhere.

I recommend Dr. John J. Bandeian to you without any reservations. His service is Exceptional!!

Donald Carl Smith Sr. Patient

My Testimonial for Dr. Bandeian and his Staff

I first met Dr. Bandeian in 2006. When I walked into Bristol Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Bandeian’s décor made me feel at home. This gave me the ease I needed. When I walked up to the window, a beautiful , smiling face. Whom I later found out her name was Connie. Connie’s kindness made me feel even calmer. After only a few minutes Dr. Bandeian came to the door and took me to the examining room. (How many doctors do that?)

Dr. Bandeian was quiet, calm and very professional. I explained to him how my stomach was causing me so much pain. The pulling down the front of my navel would cause me to constantly be in pain. At this time I weighed about 280 lbs. Most doctors would tell you to go home and lose weight, then come back! Not Dr. Bandeian, he saw my pain and his genuine concern made my mind up right then. Not to mention his affordable prices. Because we are on such a limited budget. He escorted me to his office, showed me pictures of other tummy tucks and assured me he would take care of the scar tissue. We scheduled surgery, guess what no more pain!!

Later in 2008 I had to have gastric bypass. I lost 157 lbs. Guess what? No stomach overhand! I had a flat stomach. If you’re planning on gastric bypass, see Dr. Bandeian, check out your options for a tummy tuck. Then go with gastric bypass. Who would have thought? You will be glad you did!

Since my first procedure I have had a face peel, fat injections, Botox and Juvéderm. I had no problems with any of these procedures. They were very affordable.

Every procedure I have had done, Dr. Bandeian’s follow up care has been remarkable. He even called our house the night after I had surgery to check up on me.

I consider Dr. Bandeian and his staff the best. They tell you what’s what! They make you feel comfortable. Not to mention how clean and affordable Dr. Bandeians office and services are. I would never go anywhere else! And recommend him HIGHLY!

Dr. Bandeian and his staff gave me back the confidence I had lost so long ago! And for this thanks can never be enough. I consider them family. They work together like a well-oiled machine. I stop in every chance I can to say hello.