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Neck Lift

Bristol Neck Lift Surgeon – Dr. John Bandeian
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A neck lift is done to correct a “turkey neck” or a “double chin” or to improve the appearance of the neck and jaw line. A face lift always includes the same type of neck improvement as a neck lift, but a face lift also treats the signs of again on the lower face. A face lift is a much more extensive operation than a neck lift. Also a face lift is done to address the signs of aging. While a neck lift is often done to treat the signs of aging, it is also done on younger patients who were born with a weak jaw line or a “double chin”. A face lift will treat jowls, but a neck lift usually does not treat jowls. A neck lift, like a face lift, will enhance the appearance of the jaw line.

A neck lift involves removal of excess skin, removal of excess fat with both liposuction and scissors and some work on the platysmal muscle in neck. The platysmal muscle is a thin muscle in the neck which needs causes the to be modified when it causes visible vertical bands in neck.)

Dr. Bandeian performs neck lifts in his office operating room with sedation by vein and local anesthesia. The operation takes about 2 hours.

After the surgery. a bandage is applied to your neck and then a chin strap is applied. Your stitches usually are removed in 7 days. After the stitches come out, you can take a shower. Bruising will last from 1 to 2 weeks. 

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