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The cost of a vial of Sculptra is $700 


Sculptra restores your skin's inner volume for a youthful-looking appearance. A series of up to 4 injection sessions around 4  weeks apart are necessary for correction of facial contour deficiencies. Sculptra stimulates your body to make more of its own collagen in your face. The process takes 4 or more weeks for the new collage to form. The improvement in facial contour occurs gradually and looks very natural. The benefits of Sculptra lasts for more than 2 years.

Most patients will require 4 or more vials. Two vials are injected initially and then after 4 or more weeks, another 2 vials are injected as needed. Some patients might even benefit from a 5th and 6th vial. 


The Sculptra must be prepared for injection typically one day before treatment.