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For the good of our community Dr. Bandeian has closed Bristol Plastic Surgery Center for all elective procedures until the COVID 19 Corona Virus Pandemic is over.

However, Dr. Bandeian is supporting our community during the Pandemic by offering free telemedicine treatment of basal and squamous cell skin cancers.

Moshs surgery is the most commonly used method to treat skin cancers in our community. Mohs surgery offers up to 5% higher cure rate than other methods of treating common non-life threatening skin cancers. Traditional surgical excision offers a 95% chance of cure of common skin cancers, although a 99% chance of cure with traditional surgical excision is possible.

It typically costs thousands of dollars to remove a single skin cancer with Mohs surgery compared to a few hundreds of dollars with surgical excision,

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, removal of a non-life threatening common skin cancer with either Mohs surgery or traditional surgical excision exposes the doctor, his staff and the patient to the possibility of a lethal COVID 19 infection.

So what is a patient to do who has a common skin cancer ?

If a patient has a skin cancer, and delays treatment until the Pandemic is over, the cancer will grow and likely become more difficult to remove and the removal will likely result in a greater cosmetic defect.

Skin cancers can be treated non-surgically with a special cream. Two commonly used creams for the treatment of superficial skin cancers and prevention of common skin cancers are Efudex and Aldara.

Dr. Bandeian has treated thousands of patients with Efudex. Efudex is the brand name for 5-FU ( 5-fluorouracil.)

You don't have to take Dr. Bandeian's word for the effectiveness of 5-FU in treating skin cancers. If you Google “5-FU and skin cancers” you can read for yourself that it is used to treat actinic keratoses and superficial basal and squamous cell skin cancers.

While 5-FU is not recommended for the treatment of non-superficial skin cancers,Dr. Bandeian has used a special form of 5-FU to treat deep skin cancers in patients who did not want or who refused surgery for their skin cancers.

During the Pandemic, the main advantage of 5-FU is that it can used to treat common skin cancers and to prevent new skin cancers with no risk of exposure to COVID19.

Dr. Bandeian is providing a free community service during this Pandemic by offering to treat skin cancer patients by telemedicine with 5-FU.

If you have a skin cancer or think you have a skin cancer, and you want to take advantage of Dr. Bandeian's free service, this is the procedure to follow.

Send it the following information to Dr. Bandeian at

Your name, address, sex, date of birth, age, cell phone #, email address, allergies, medications, list of all your medical conditions, and the name of your pharmacy and its phone and fax number.

Also, if you ave had any previous skin cancers, please provide information about them.

Finally, attach good quality pictures of your skin cancer and your face to your email.

Dr. Bandeian will review your email to him and contact you if he requires more information. When he is confident that he fully understands your condition, he will fax a prescription for 5-FU to you along with instructions for its use and follow up pictures. There will never be any charge for this service.

If you have any questions about your treatment, feel free to email them to Dr. Bandeian or call his office at 423-968-3891.







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