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Breast Lift Cost: Usually $6,000

Women who are interested in a breast lift in Bristol, TN may call Dr. Bandeian’s plastic surgery Bristol office for a consultation. The cost of the consultation is applied to the surgical fee. A breast lift corrects sagging of the breasts that occurs with pregnancy or age. The cost of the breast lift and the extent of the scars will depend upon the degree of correction that is necessary. The medical name for sagging of the breast is “ptosis.” The extent of ptosis of the breast is determined by the position of the nipple relative to the fold beneath the breast.

The object of breast lift is to raise the nipple so that it is at the same level as the fold beneath the breast. Minor degrees of ptosis can be corrected by a breast implant or by a scar around the areola (colored skin around the nipple). Moderate degrees of ptosis can be corrected by an incision around the areola along with a short vertical incision below the areola. Severe degrees of ptosis will require an incision around the areola along with an inverted “T” incision. The surgery requires general anesthesia and is done at Indian Path Hospital in Kingsport, TN.

The initial consultation typically takes between 3-4 hours. After Dr. Bandeian examines his patients, he discusses their options with them. Often, he is able to recommend just a breast enlargement if the degree of ptosis is minimal. Dr. Bandeian explains breast lift surgery in detail, and shows his patients where the scar will be located and shows them typical mastopexy scars.

During a second consultation, Dr. Bandeian reviews with his patients what was discussed at the first consultation to make sure he clearly understands the needs and wishes of his patients. He also answers any questions his patients may have. He completes the history and physical exam on his patients, and gives his patients the special instructions they will need for their surgery to be safely done. Dr. Bandeian gives his Bristol breast lift patients 4 prescriptions: one for antiseptic soap to use before surgery, one for prophylactic antibiotics, one for nauses and one for pain medication. He gives his patients a choice of different pain medication in order for them to be as comfortable as possible following the surgery. The operation takes about 2 hours. Patients should have a responsible adult drive them home from the hospital  and stay with them on the night of their surgery. Dr. Bandeian instructs his patients to call him personally on the evening of their surgery to let him know how they are doing. He then sees his patients in his office on the day after surgery and several times thereafter.

Dr. Bandeian usually instructs his breast lift Bristol patients to start wearing a good support bra a few days after the surgery. He instructs his patients not drive a car nor do any house work for the first 7. The Stitches are left in for about 7 to 10 days. Most women return to work in about one week. After the first week, patients can lift up to 10 pounds; thereafter, they can lift 10 additional pounds each week. Swimming, tennis, and upper body aerobics should be avoided until 6 weeks after surgery.

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