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Fat grafting

Bristol Fat Grafting Treatment – Dr. John Bandeian
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Fat grafting is done by injecting fat below the skin to permanently improve the shape of the face, hands, and breasts. Fat grafting is somewhere between a surgical operation and a non-surgical procedure. It is somewhat like a surgical operation because a specialized form of liposuction is done to obtain fat for grafting. However, it is like a non-surgical procedure because the fat is injected into the like Juvéderm or  Restylane. Unlike Juvéderm or Restylane, which are temporary fillers, fat grafting can produce permanent. However, unlike permanent filler injections like silicone, fat grafting is safe because it is your own tissue, not some foreign substance. If your body has a reaction to permanent fillers, like silicone, it is not possible to remove the permanent fillers. While not all the injected fat grafts will survive, usually the fat that is still present at 2 months will remain permanently. Some of the common areas to inject fat on the face are the hollow areas below the eyes, and the lips. Fat injections are also useful on the back of hands of women to help correct the sunken areas that are stigmata of aging.

Both the harvesting of fat and the injection of the prepared fat can be done with local anesthesia. Sedation by vein is optional at the request of the patient. Fat can be obtained from most any area on the body where there is excess fat, however, but ideally, it should be obtained from an area where the patient always has excess fat. The day after the fat grafting, the activities of the patient are primarily limited by the degree of swelling, which can be marked. Pain medication is given, but the pain is typically mild after fat injections.

In addition to performing fat grafting in Bristol, TN, Dr. John Bandeian performs a number of facial rejuvenation treatments including Dysport, Restylane, TCA peels and Sculptra..

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